Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jersey Girl

Ahhh, yes! I am a Jersey girl at heart. Bruce Springsteen- what's not to like? HOWEVER- I absolutely LOVE Jon Bon Jovi ! I have to say that when my husband brought the idea up to me five years ago about getting season tickets to the Philadelphia Soul, I wasn't all that enthused. But Joe knows me VERY well, and knew just where my weak spot was- "Jon Bon Jovi- he's one of the co-owners of the team! He'll probably be at every game- he's very involoved.", he said to me. That was enough to convince me that this was a GREAT idea! And he was right- he is at almost every single game. He works his way around the perimeter of the field before the game starts, signing autographs and talking with the fans. The boys have met him a few times now and he knows Ryan by name (surprise, huh?). Yesterday was no exception! Here's the latest installation of my photos with Jon Bon Jovi..........

Ryan's not even looking at the right camera- he's looking at the PRESS camera ( I know- that's a shocker!) I have to say that, over the last five years, I have become quite a fan of the actual game of Arena Football. I look forward to all the games (not JUST to see Jon!). It's a great family environment and the people who sit around us are wonderful!
This picture was taken right after he signed my coveted baseball hat I paid a fortune for at his concert this month.............

Now onto some stamping! YES! I have been stamping- a ton! I've took on an after school class once a week for eight weeks, and it is finally winding down. I didn't anticipate how much time it would be taking away from everything else and it's just been crazy around here. I came across these adorable treat boxes on SCS the week before Easter and thought I'd give them a try! I modified the measurements a little, made a cardboard template for the window cutout, then mass-produced them for the teachers at the kids' school. Here's a pic of a few of the ones I made:

I still had a package of Stampin'Up! window sheets that have since retired, and used those to make the window. I stamped the greeting using the White Staz-On pad. Once I got through the first one and tweaked the measurements a bit, they came together rather quickly .
Well, I'm off to church, then I have to start cutting an preparing for the stamping classes I have this week and iron out my "real work" schedule (manicurist!)
Enjoy your day!

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A Stamper's Journey said...

This is very cute! Love the sentiment on the window sheet.