Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Ronald McDonald House

On Friday, I delivered the basket of cards to the Ronald McDonald House in Camden. It was so nice to meet Sonia and Teddy! Teddy took me on a tour of this beautiful House and told me all about the families that stay there. They usually host families that are being treated at Cooper, Wills Eye, Shriner's, and Penn. They also provide a restful environment for expectant mothers who are undergoing fetal surgery at The University of Penn and then their babies are taken to CHOP. It was an awesome tour! I've been in a few other Houses in the Tri-state area and they are all different- for example, all the rooms in the Camden House are all decorated differently. I toured the Spongebob room and if any of you have ever been to the Nick Hotel in Orlando, it looked just like that! It was incredible! Teddy also took me into the Harley Davidson room- it was full of motorcycles. It even had an orange and black bathroom! I think, by far, the neatest thing in the Camden House is this mirror that is hanging in the kids playroom. It was donated by a kind woman who had an abundance of happy meal toys. She found a giant mirror at a flea market (for $5!) and painted the frame black. She then hot-glued a TON of happy meal toys all around the frame! You could look at it all day! Some of them were so old, I knew they were ones I had when I was a kid! It was an awesome sight!! There are so many ways you can help out at your local Ronald McDonald House- it doesn't have to be anything big. Here are just a few:

~You know those can tabs from cans of soda? Pop them off and save them in a jar! The houses cash them in and use the money to pay for the utilities in the House (i.e.- electric, water, gas)

~ Empty ink cartridges! The Houses receive $2 for every empty ink cartridge they recycle!

~ Going to Costco or BJ's? Pick up an extra pack of toilet paper, paper towels, or wipes- the Houses need all the regular household items that we use!

~ Gather a group of friends together and make a meal! Just contact your local House to see when you can be put on the schedule to deliver a hot meal- the families really appreciate it after a long day at the hospital.

I just want to leave you with a picture of Sonia, Teddy, and myself holding the basket of cards we donated. Thanks again to EVERYONE who participated in this event! You've made a difference in the lives of others- doesn't it feel GREAT?! Have a great weekend everybody!

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Janet said...

Aw, Renee! That is so great. Sounds like an unbelievable place.