Friday, October 19, 2007

I just realized................

That I never showed the four projects form World Card-making Day! Here's one of them. I modified a card idea that was supplied by Stampin'Up! I like a lot of layers (Thanks, Gail!), so I had to change it- the one they showed up was just too plain! This is the only card that is missing in the picture of me and my friends from the House in this post.

Also, here is a great project I made using an iced tea jar (love that POM Blackberry tea- thanks , Merridith!). I filled it with Caramel Apple candy corn and took it up to my cousin's last weekend and gave it to her. Now I have about 20 if these bottles in my basement waiting to be altered! All the different flavors have different colored lids so you can modify it for almost any occasion.

isn't it cute?!

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Dawn Easton said...

Your card is great! That candy jar is super cute too!