Monday, August 6, 2007

Frederick, MD

We went to Frederick, Maryland this past weekend to visit a close friend of mine from high school. James and I have known each other for almost 20 years- it's hard to believe! We have remained close, although our contact is sometimes sporadic, we always take up right where we left off. I absolutely adore him! So when he sent me my birthday card this year along with a postcard from Seussical (the musical) that he was preforming in down in Frederick, I knew we had to go see him! We bought our tickets and drove down for a visit on Saturday night. We had a fantastic meal at this Tapas place called Isabel's, right in downtown Frederick. If you have the opportunity, don't pass it up! It was great! The show was wonderful and James was incredible! The boys were so excited to know one of the "stars" in the play and they treated him like he was a celebrity the whole time we were there with him- it was so cute! Here's a couple pics of James with the boys after the show ended.

On the way home, we stopped at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and did a Ride-the-Ducks tour. It was a lot of fun! Preston really enjoys history so he especially loved learning about all the great things Baltimore has to offer. Ryan was thrilled just to have the wacky quacker! LOL!

Today I worked on my stamp club projects for this month. I'll post the pictures of what they'll be making after the club meets on the 17th. Hopefully, once I finish those projects, I'll have some more time to play with my new goodies that have arrived!

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