Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stamp Club.............

Here are the stamp club projects from last night. They made two cards and one 2-5-7-10 box.

This card uses the new Designer Series paper, Dashing. They heat embossed the "L" using clear EP, the dry embossed the circles on the vanilla layer using the Dots Classy Brass stencil.

This card was shared by my upline, Gail- isn't it cute?! They masked the rhino image just a little to put the tiger on top. The balloons are made using one of the flower centers from the Polka Dot and Petals stamp set. They put a tiny bit of Crstal Effects on the balloons to make them shiny.

This is the 2-5-7-10 box they made. They just followed the fabulous instructions provided by Jenn balcer last week. They used the Doodle This set and the Doodle Wheel. I made the ink cartridge using Soft Sky ink refill and an empty jumbo cartridge.

I also showed them some samples that I put together last week for uses with the Three for You Punch Box.They were all inspired in some way by the gallery on SCS, and they were a breeze to put together!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, it's been another crazy week around here! Only three weeks till school starts (but I'm not counting or anything- LOL!) Joe and I got away for a few days last weekend to Ocean City, was GREAT! I've been preparing for my stamp club meeting tomorrow night this week and I'll post the pictures of the projects tomorrow after we meet- I don't wanna spoil the surprise!

In the meantime, I'd like to share some more pictures of a butterfly that was hanging around the front porch yesterday. Butterflies are special to me.........they remind me of my Dad. When we were in St. John's and out on the boat going to scatter his ashes into the Caribbean, there was a butterfly flying all around our boat- out in the middle of the Caribbean! It was the strangest thing! It stayed with our boat all morning long .............when we stopped to snorkle, it would fly around us in the water. I swear it was my Dad................

Since then, whenever I see a butterfly, it makes me think of him. Joe and I were sitting on the front porch yesterday, and this BEAUTY came over to a hanging basket I have. It flew all around us on the porch- we could've actually grabbed it- it was amazing! It was the most beautiful butterfly I'd ever seen! Here are some pics of this one....................

the vibrant colors of blue and orange were just the most beautiful I've ever seen!

I'll be back tomorrow with stamp club projects!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Frederick, MD

We went to Frederick, Maryland this past weekend to visit a close friend of mine from high school. James and I have known each other for almost 20 years- it's hard to believe! We have remained close, although our contact is sometimes sporadic, we always take up right where we left off. I absolutely adore him! So when he sent me my birthday card this year along with a postcard from Seussical (the musical) that he was preforming in down in Frederick, I knew we had to go see him! We bought our tickets and drove down for a visit on Saturday night. We had a fantastic meal at this Tapas place called Isabel's, right in downtown Frederick. If you have the opportunity, don't pass it up! It was great! The show was wonderful and James was incredible! The boys were so excited to know one of the "stars" in the play and they treated him like he was a celebrity the whole time we were there with him- it was so cute! Here's a couple pics of James with the boys after the show ended.

On the way home, we stopped at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and did a Ride-the-Ducks tour. It was a lot of fun! Preston really enjoys history so he especially loved learning about all the great things Baltimore has to offer. Ryan was thrilled just to have the wacky quacker! LOL!

Today I worked on my stamp club projects for this month. I'll post the pictures of what they'll be making after the club meets on the 17th. Hopefully, once I finish those projects, I'll have some more time to play with my new goodies that have arrived!

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Review of paperpretties................ we all know that I love to stamp- that's a given. So when I heard about this program that a fellow Stampin'Up! demo was starting I jumped on the bandwagon. I knew she was breaking all kinds of rules as a demo for Stampin'Up! because, clearly, her new endeavor was a conflict of interest, but I overlooked it for the sake of coveting some new stamps called Bellas and having all the work done for me. All I had to do was make the card, ya know?! I had never used unmounted stamps before and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try some. Unfortunately, a few of you joined me on this adventure, and here's what happened:

You agree to sign up for a "subscription" of 6 months for which you are entitled (this is the key-word here) to receive a "card class" in a box. Cardstock, envelopes, embellishments, and a new Bella stamp each month, along with a color copy of a card design. The price is a bit steep, but I decide to try it anyway- my MISTAKE.My very first box was due to arrive in didn't arrive till the first week of April. Apparently, it takes FOREVER for things to get here from Canada- and when it does, it looks like my mailman has walked it here himself! I open it up and check out the sample- it's okay....... I'm not in love with the card design, but it is just the first month and I figure I should give it some time. I'm hearing that others are complaining about the long shipping times and their comments are "magically erased" from the Yahoo group that was set up for the customers. I guess you can only post a comment if it is a favorable one....otherwise you get banned from the group.

The long and short of it is, the boxes arrive later and later and then the emails begin...............she's missing cardstock and the boxes will be late. Days pass before we hear anything. She sends another: the boxes shipped! She sends another: Actually, the boxes didn't ship. She's still waiting on cardstock- WHAT?! Substitute something- for crying out loud!! In the meantime, my money is still being debited and I have NOTHING to show for it. I'm hanging in cause she's asked me to be a guest designer and I should receive my box early for that month..............that box NEVER COMES. Oh! Here's another email- she's having a GREAT time on her trip to Disney World.........WHAT?! I contact her and say I'm done and I don't want anymore of the boxes. She says I'm obligated till August and she's not giving refunds. I contact Paypal, file complaints, and contact the Better Business Bureau in Canada, and her and I are emailing back and forth and she keeps saying that all of the shipping and supplier issues were " beyond her control". Apparently, EVERY problem she has is beyond her control and just because she send emails out telling everyone that their stuff isn't coming that absolves her from responsibility.

The short of it is that she does refund me for two of the boxes (after numerous emails) and says she will refund the third and final box after I return it to her and she can see whether or not it's been opened. Again, by the time the FedEx guy brings it, it looks like he walked it across the border himself and there is NO WAY I'm gonna send it back to her so she can tell me I opened it and not give me a refund, so I open it, take out the Bella stamp, and give the rest of the junk in the box to the kids....................even they are not worthy of the poor quality envelopes she puts in the boxes if you ask me.

Lesson learned- if you wanna buy other stamps, fine. Knock yourself out. But the cardstock, envelopes and other stuff out there is just NOT the same quality as Stampin'Up- in my humble opinion. Also, If it looks like duck and acts like a duck, chances are it IS a duck. She obviously didn't feel bad about violating her Demonstrator Agreement with Stampin'Up, why would she feel obligated to the people who signed her membership agreement? So be forewarned: do yourself a favor and don't sign up for Paperpretties....they are anything but. Just buy your Bellas direct from their site and save yourself the money and the aggravation!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

an answer to a question........

I received a question about the clear boxes I made with my stamp club this month from Stacey. They were purchased from and the item number is FB86. I just ordered 125 of them and they are .50 cents each if anyone is looking for some!

Finally..some stamping!

I made the thank you's for Ryan's birthday last night. He wanted to have a bowling party this year. I used an old retired set called, "Have a Ball"- boy am I glad I held onto that one! I use it at least once a year and my friend Vicki uses it all the time with her Elementary school class so it has really come in handy! I did use all new colors of cardstock and the new Simple Serif small alphabet set- I really like this set. It is so tedious to mount, but it's a great set to have!

And here's the birthday boy................ I can't believe he's 6 already!

On another note......................I received my copy of the new Holiday Mini catalog in the mail last week. There are lots of great new holiday sets in it and some awesome new wrapping paper that coordinates with stamp sets making it really easy to make your holiday gifts look great this year! I'm planning on using it in some upcoming classes this fall - so stay tuned! One of the BEST things about the stamps in the new mini (available Sept.1st) is that they are all die-cut! That means no trimming! You just mount them and you're ready to go! That'll save a bunch of time- especially around the holidays! I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come.................
Have a great day everyone!