Friday, June 15, 2007

Finally, some stamping!!

Here are the projects my Stamp Club made last night. They were all shared at a recent downline meeting and everyone loved them! The altoid tins are the perfect size for gift cards. Thanks to my upline Gail, who always shares everything!!

Here's a close-up of each card and the tin:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More photos......

I'll be posting some pictures of my stamp projects for my club on Friday. I don't want to post them before-hand since they don't meet till Thursday night. So I thought I'd share some more photos from my trip. Today I wanna share some pictures of the Kinsale region of Ireland. This was one of my favorite places on the tour. It's a small harbor town with lots of great little shops and places to eat. This was, by far, the best place to eat- in my opinion. The food in Ireland isn't all that great, but we had lunch at a little place n Kinsale and it was AWESOME!!!!

This is Don Herlihy. He was our local guide in Kinsale. He explained all about the Spanish Armada coming to Kinsale and the Charles Fort- a star-shaped fort that was built to protect the harbor. I enjoyed his tour very much. I'm not much on history, but he had the cutest Irish accent and I enjoyed listening to him speak about the harbor- he was a wonderful guide.
These trees line most of the roads in Ireland- they are everywhere. They are called Hawthorne trees ( or fairy trees, as they are affectionately known as in Ireland). It is bad luck to trim them or cut them down so they are abundant- and very beautiful!!! I'm gonna be looking for one of these to plant in our yard.

This is mom and I at the Fort. We didn't walk along for the guided tour because our local Kinsale guide had been so thorough at explaining how the whole thing worked that we just wanted to walk around and enjoy the beautiful view................

And it was just that- beautiful! We even saw a dolphin jumping around in the water following the boats that were coming in and out.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some pictures of my other favorite place on the tour- the Dingle Peninsula. And then I'll share some stamping with you! Stay tuned..............

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm home

Well, I've been back a week and I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of things! My first week home was absolutely crazy! There is so much going on and trying to unpack and get caught up with my clients and everything going on at school- it was nuts! My birthday was Wednesday, and the boys gave me some beautiful flowers..............

It was so busy, though, that we didn't even really get a chance to celebrate at all. Usually we go out to dinner or something, but it was just too difficult this past week. Hopefully we'll be able to do that soon, though!

I did, however, get to stamp a little this week! it wasn't until Thursday, though, cause it took me that long to get over my jet lag and be able to stay awake past 9pm! I finished up some of my last minute teacher gifts. I won't post those pictures till later cause my Stamp Club is gonna be making one of the items this week at our meeting.

Here is the first installment of pictures from my trip with my mom. Ireland was beautiful and I'm so glad I got to see it. It's not my usual type of vacation, but I'm grateful to have had the experience.
The first is a picture of my mom and I at the Powerscourt Gardens:

The second is a picture of a Celtic cross taken at the Rock of Cashel.

The third, is a picture of Christ Church from my hotel room in Dublin. It played bells every hour- even through the night!

Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of one of my favorite spots in Ireland- the harbor town of Kinsale. I absolutely LOVED it there! stay tuned!