Friday, April 6, 2007


I have to say, stampers are THE nicest people in the world! They are always willing to show you how they did something, or explain a technique to you, or help you out with your Blog- which is something Wanda did for me today! I signed up for her email updates cause she is ONE FABULOUS stamper! She makes all kinds of great 3-D projects and she is AWESOME!! Anyway, today she talked about how she finally figured out how to add Labels to her Blog (*smack forehead NOW)- I've been trying to figure that out for months!!!! So I shot her an email and asked her how she did it. She got right back to me and explained everything. So, thanks to Wanda, now you can go straight for the things you're looking for! Look over to the right hand side of the Blog and right before the Archives list, you'll see the Labels- if you're looking for a particular recipe that I've posted in the past, you don't have to go searching for it- all the recipes will be added to the Label titled "Recipes". Isn't that great! I know, I know, I promised to add some recipes last week and still have not gotten around to it. It was a busy week for me- trying to unpack all the supplies from Stamp-a-Stack, I was very busy with nail clients cause everyone wants pretty nails for Easter, and the boys both had baseball and football practice- UGH! PLUS, on top of all that, Little miss LuLu got a nasty eye infection. She's been playing the sympathy plight all week.........she keeps looking up at me and squinting her infected eye- it is SO SAD! SO I had to get her to the vet.........antibiotics, eye drops, and a couple of shots- yippee. She goes back this Tuesday for a check-up. I hate to say, but it doesn't look all that much better.........UGH.
Anyway, today is Joe's only day off this week and since the kids are off from school we're gonna take them bowling. I wish you all a wonderful Easter and I *promise* I'll get those recipes up on the blog by Monday! Thanks for visiting!

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