Monday, March 12, 2007

Okay! So, remember on Saturday when I told you about Jody Morrow's Prima Share? WELL! Mine arrived today!!!! Remember that seen in that movie ( the name escapes me right now) where Demi Moore is rolling around in the money??? That's what I feel like doing- these Primas are GORGEOUS!!!! I don't even know how many bags of them there are in this box, but they are so pretty!!! I can't wait to start playing with them! I swear, this is the BEST way to get gives you a perfect sampling of all the different kinds. You should really think about joining Jody's Prima Share - she ships them PRIORITY! You get them super fast!!! Aaahhhh.......the rush of instant gratification!

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Mary Anne in NJ said...

Thanks to you, I, too, went to Jody's website and ordered some Primas, although not as many as you, from the looks of it..I can't decide what I like more..getting new stamps and embellishments, or just getting all these packages in the mail every day! Its been like Christmas around here for the past 2 weeks..I have been sooooo bad..but it feels sooooo good when you open the package.!