Thursday, March 22, 2007

No pictures

I don't have any pictures to post today. I've been so crazy lately with everything going on here. I am hosting Bunko tomorrow night so I'm trying to make my grocery list, pull out my recipes, clean my house, and everything else. Tonight is the Home Opener for the Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football) and we have season tickets. We bought the boys season tickets for their birthdays last year because they love it so much. In the past, the games have all been on Friday nights or Sundays. Needless to say, Joe and I were disappointed when we saw that they have a few games on weeknights. My guys still go to bed by 8:30 (at the latest), so i hate them being up late on a school night like that. Well, the organization must've received a lot of complaints because they've made arrangements to have certified teachers on the concourse of the venue two hour before every game to help with homework! That doesn't necessarily solve my bedtime issue, but I think it's a great effort on their part. I'm also trying to get ready for my Stamp-a-stack next Saturday and I still have 600 card kits to cut! Plus, baseball and flag football are starting this weekend. here's my weekend at a glance:
Sat.- 9am-12 noon, Stampin'Up! Downline meeting-me
8:30 Am- boys have flag football practice
10:30 Am- Preston has baseball practice
12:30 Pm- Ryan has baseball practice- I have to scoot over form my meeting because I am the coach for this team
5Pm- Fundraiser dinner at church
6:30pm- 8:30 pm- Preston has a birthday party
Sunday- Flag Football games at 1:30pm (Ryan) and 4Pm (Preston)

Is my life crazy for the next four days??? Nuff said!

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Janet said...

Oh Renee!! I found you!!! My "cute" two year old deleted all my favorites and I had to retrace my steps all over the web and re-bookmark all my blogs. The fun part was reading a bunch of posts all at once instead of having to wait for them :) I hear ya on the busy schedule stuff! But, if it makes you feel any better I am sooo looking forward to SAS and all your cutting and assembling will put a *HUGE* smile on my face.