Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm not missing

I know I haven't posted since the's been kinda yucky 'round here this week! We've all been fighting some sort of sinus infection/cold/virus thing and I've been sleeping- ALOT! I actually cancelled all of my appointments on Monday night cause I felt so awful and all of my clients will tell you I never do that! I've been in bed at 8pm almost every night this week. Plus my car is in the shop - UGH.; It's just been one of those weeks! All the stamping I have done recently is for Stamp-a-Stack (Mar.31st), so I can't really share any of that stuff. It is, however, my turn to host Bunko this month and I've decided to make the invitations for that. I'm making everyone wear their pajamas to Bunko and I'm serving breakfast/brunch foods and beverages- can you say Mimosa ? YUM! I'm gonna work on the invites and I'll post a pic of my creation later today.

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