Friday, March 9, 2007

bunko Jammybellas

Here's the finished product! I wasn't thrilled with the first version, so I made a few changes (I added a few more layers, and another Prima) and I'm much more pleased with this version. I plan on dropping these off to the girls sometime this weekend. I still have a nasty sinus drip and it's giving me a headache this morning. I'm sure my dentist appointment this morning won't be helping my headache, but whatta ya gonna do? Joe is off this weekend and the boys have baseball tryouts on Sunday so I'm not expecting to get much stamping done, but that's okay. Joe's only off one weekend a month so we try and get as much done as possible during that weekend and we usually try and go on a date also- *wink*. Have a great weekend everyone!


Allison said...

So cute...I love these! Great use of color and that spring mini DP!

Mary Anne in NJ said...

I love that card..the first version was cute, but the second was awesome..perfect use of the papers and layers..I am soooo not good at that..maybe because I am seriously color-blind..hence, I don't trust myself matching colors..I can't believe you play very good friend in Dallas plays, and is going to the bunko playoffs, or convention, or something, in Las Vegas this year..I think its in APril..I never heard of it before..all I know is it involves cards..? She wanted me to meet her in Vegas to watch her play..sounds like fun..! Is there anything you're not into????? Hope you feel better!

Gina said...

You are my idol.
Everything you do is so creative--right down to the tiniest detail. Even your Mojitos!
See you Friday.