Friday, March 2, 2007

Bad Press.....

With all the bad press/tv coverage that pit bulls have been getting lately, I thought I'd post a picture of one of the sweetest pit bulls you'd ever meet. Her name is Lulu. We've had her for almost 6 years now and, I have to say, she's the BEST family pet we've ever had!! She's never so much as shown her teeth or growled at anyone. Be warned, though, she has a LICKER license!! She'll lick you till your chapped if you let her! She loves EVERYONE. I find Lulu in all sorts of strange places...............she follows the sun around our family room to nap all day (yeah, she's got it rough!) These pictures were taken yesterday and she was so annoyed with me that I was disturbing her nap. She kept sighing and closing her eyes like it was just killing her to have her picture taken!

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