Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So, one of my New Year's resolutions was that I was going to send every member of my family (that I acknowledge anyway - *wink) a birthday/ anniversary card this year.............and, hopefully, from now on. Boy, is this one hard! You think the promise to eat right, go to the gym, and lay off the Bellini's is hard? No way! This one is hard ! But I am committed to it! You'd think I have a ton of handstamped cards on hand- nope! I spend all of my time planning classes that I don't get much time to stamp for myself. I've been working really hard at this. I have a separate card keeper with spare birthday/ anniversary cards......there's a file for each month so it'll make it easier for me to keep up with. My nephew and niece's birthdays are on the same day next week. They live in Florida, so I need to send them out early. I've been making my spare card-kits for a while now, so I had some girly cards on hand........................but my nephew is a teenager! I think they are the hardest cards to make! I spent an hour pacing around my stamp room trying to think of something. I actually made 2 cards and didn't like either one. I turned to the catalog..........I always forget to use it for inspiration! I saw the card using the set Ruff Play- I think it's so cute, but is it okay for a teenage boy? I still don't know, but I like the card, so I'm gonna send it. He probably won't even look at it, right? I cased the one from the catty, minus the sewing machine and the 3 slots ...........I actually did punch those slots, but they were too close together and the paper ripped- UGH! It was the last step, so I was not about to quit! I just stamped the "HB" from the It's You're Birthday set and punched it out using the 3/4" square punch- viola!
I'll b e away for the weekend- don't think I forgot about you! My mom and the boys and I are going away to spend some "special" time together- this is the first anniversary of my Dad's death and my Mom wanted to do something really special! SSHH!!! Don't tell! We're taking the boys to Disney for the weekend!! We'll be home late Monday night. I'll check back in with you on Tuesday with a couple of pictures! Have a great weekend!

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Janet said...

What??? Disney??? And its supposed to be THIRTEEN degrees here tomorrow! Lucky ducky! Enjoy your family time, Renee.